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No problem fishstickz, I could easily slow down the pace of the RP if that's what everyone wants. Also it's great to hear that everyone here is willing to continue.

But I do have some bad news, yoyoyo12356 (Jack Cross) private messaged me back and said that he is to busy to keep going, so I will take control of his character for the next bit.

Last, I'd like to thank everyone for staying this long, first RP I've hosted, and it's tons of fun. Now, back to the game.

Gunshots ring out from inside the station walls, this time it's an automatic that's firing. Not Kruger's pistol. Max breaks from the cover that the outhouse offered, bug spray in hand, and sprints straight towards the small wooden fortification passing directly behind the other guard. Hearing something behind him, the guard spins around, rifle drawn, just in time to see his fellow guard being incapacitated. The group sprints from the hole they only just emerged from towards the harsh cold of the seemingly endless tunnels of the metro.

The machine gunner clutches at his eyes, trying to rub out the pain. The other guard fires two shots at Max, both fling wide as max sprints straight out toward the group. Instead of firing anymore with his rifle, the guard runs to the now unoccupied machine gun, pushing the other guard from the wooden fort, and clicks the safety off.

Machine gun rounds ricochet off the metal walls of the metro, the group sprinting towards the dark that would safe them. A spot light flickers on and searches for the group. The grinding of the main gate opening is barley audible over the machine gun, but the captains voice is clear and angry "What in the hell is going on here?". An answer is not heard as the machine gun fires again, hitting at the groups ankles.

The spot light from the top of the wall finds Jack, and locks on. Jack, with his pistol in hand, turns are fires four shots, evenly spaced at the spot light, the fourth hitting it, making it useless, but not before the machine gun found his legs. Jack drops to the ground, Max passes him on his way to the group, Jack managing to whisper something to him before Max continues running. After reloading his pistol, Jack pulls out a small silver charm, and wraps it into his left hand. The machine gun quiets down, and the other guards jog towards the now immobile hostile, taking cover wherever they can. Come out with your hands up, or we will shoot!" they yell.

The last thing the group hears before they enter a small access hallway is the sound of several rifles going off, and the sound of a small revolving pistol.

Instead of staying on the metro tunnels, the group has hidden inside one of the many access hallways through the metro. These hallways are narrow, only two people can walk side by side, and lead to small repair or operating stations with several types of electronics and mechanisms on control panels that line the walls. Pipes and wires run the sides of the hallways, with several holes in the pipes, obviously made by mice or rats.





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