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As the name of this log says, rare occassions indeed :3

So, I have been thinking of painting some imperial guard for quite some time, but never really came up with a colour scheme I was happy with. But, some months ago and idea magically appeared in my head, and some months later this was created:

It is a test piece for a potential army. I really like the colour scheme, though it was all done just based on the idea in my head, so I may be able to improve it. The base is just some random crap I created, I was thinking of him standing in mud, artillery having blown the bejeesuz out of everything and such.
As I haven't painted anything serious in half a year I am quite happy with him to be honest, but I would like some C&C on my choises of colour and execution, and some ideas on what to base them on wouldn't go amiss!

And of course, in my exitement I just had to tell you all that I painted something

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