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Originally Posted by MadCowCrazy View Post
So how many new plastic kits do you think we'll see?
The numbers stack up pretty fast but I guess it's possible, personally I think we'll see something like the space wolves kit where you get a buttload of bits to make your models with.

I dont really think it's feasible for them to have 4 boxes for most new units, heck it'd be 5 boxes for different Bike units, 4 boxes for the riders if those a true. We'd be looking at 20+ new boxes and I dont think they'd do that.
Its hard to guess these days, GW could in theory go completely bonkers with chaos, the range has the to potential to spawn numerous plastic kits, Even without including any never before seen units and not recutting anything they could fill up at least two release months just moving things like dreads,havocs,raptors,deathguard,thousand sons,noise marines,night lords from metal to plastic, then chuck in some finecast stuff like oblits and characters and you already have a massive release, then when you start looking outside the box to never seen before stuff like assault berserkers you could have stuff coming out for months. But that said chaos does actually deserve that kind of range, chaos in theory should be as varied if not more varied than the loyalist chapters, it really depends on GW and how much variety they want to include into the model range, Personally i think the chaos marine range is looking dated, berserkers could use a resculpt as they are very dated, the chaos marines themselves are dated,the sprues were recut for the last codex but the sculpts were the same as the old ones. The terminators are relatively new so i cant see much happeneing there but personally i think they look awful, i would always use the FW upgrade pack to give them something extra.

I have always thought the last chaos codex was a filler codex, it was poorly received and was a shadow of what chaos marines should be about, it felt like a half assed codex designed to fill a gap while GW really worked on something special for chaos, dont forget chaos is a very very large and important part of 40k, marine vs marine, brother vs brother, the heresy etc etc these things are the most influential fluff in the game and chaos marines have always been great sellers (well until the last codex) and allow peoples imaginations to run riot in terms of building themed armies,writing fluff and model making and converting, you only have to look at some of the amazing stuff FW have produced in the last 5 years to see that chaos fans are still there and GW will know that and will want to cash in.

If chaos marines are in the pipeline i think its gonna be a big deal and if they are included in the 40k box set then we will be sick of them by this time next year as they will be shoved down our throats from all angles, but rightly so they deserve a big relaunch more than any other army in my opinion.

My only concern is that GW dont put the models out quickly enough, the back lash for the second wave of nids and space wolves was justified and if GW do the same again we are gonna see third party companies pumping out quick and dirty kits to cash in yet again, GW should put out the codex and release all never before seen units with it and then the second wave should be the stuff that gets recut sprues,finecasted or new versions of old models like a plastic dread,raptors,havocs etc.

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