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Originally Posted by Words_of_Truth View Post
Awesome, the Daemon Engines, could these be similar to the FW Blood Slaughterer?
I believe Daemon Engines were first introduced in the Audio drama Fireborn, the one about the Salamanders and Sisters of Battle. Basically it completely destroys all the Sisters of Battle, they can't even scratch it, not even when a Sister holds a melta bomb against it blowing herself up. Nothing the Sisters do can stop it but in the end a Salamander dude kills it by throwing a thunder hammer at it. Dont remember much about the description of the daemon engine but it was powerful.

Originally Posted by bitsandkits View Post
3 books makes no sense, it should be either be two or four, two would make the most sense as it would be similar to the old realm of chaos books, either way i cant see three books.
I agree, I added it as it was posted in the rumours round up, I later found the 3 book split into Legions, Renegades and Daemons which make allot more sense.
This would however mean that the Chaos Legions book would be massive, similar size or bigger than the Space Marine codex.

I really hope they dont split it up as GW has a hard time even updating 3 books a year.

As for the amount of new stuff lets speculate a bit.
Probably Finecast:
Daemonancer model
Iron Warriors character with huge servo harness
Obliterators remade in finecast or plastic
New Kharn the Betrayer
"Bulkier and still ferocious in motion"
Thunderfire Cannon/Iron-Fire Cannon

Special Character box including:
Horus Axiamand
Unknown Raptor Lord (Night Lords?)
Kharn the Betrayer
Lucius the Eternal

Plastic Kits:
Plastic Plaguebearers
Plastic Plaguemarines
Plastic Dreadnought
Plastic Raptors
New Plastic Chaos Bike kit (Rumoured Attack Bike?)
Daemon Engine (Perhaps the rumoured slaughterfiend?
New Landraider (New upgrade sprue is all that would be required)
New Predator (New upgrade sprue is all that would be required)
Plastic Thousand Sons/Rubric Marines
1 New kit with the Bike kit which would most likely be the rumoured Attack Bike
1 New kit for Khorne jump pack infantry or could be combined with Khorne jump infantry
Probably 1 or more plastic kits for Khorne on jugg, plague on beast, Tzeench on disks etc

Head, Shoulder or Torso swaps
1 New kit or perhaps just torso swaps for plague marine bikers, most likely just torso and head swaps to go with older bike models, perhaps finecast like plague marine torsos and shoulders.
Legion specific heads and shoulder sprue
Power Armour and Terminator bits could be separate
Cult terminators have been sighted, but could be conversion or above mentioned kit

Allot of these are just remade metals into plastics, allot of these could also simply be upgrade sprues. In the end I think we are looking at 5 or so new plastic kits, rest are just old redone. That sounds about right to me, allot of special characters though but current range most likely redone into finecast.
It might seem like allot of new stuff, perhaps even too much for a single army book but I think it's about right. They would probably drag the release on for years and years.... a few of these could even be Chaos Daemons related like plaguebearers so could be released with the new Daemons book.

So what do you guys think? Am I off?

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