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Some more rumours from Faeit 212
via the Faeit 212 inbox
Thousand Sounds full squad is 20 Marines or 10 for half. 150 points gets you 4 sons and a Sorcerer. add more sons for 23 each. Sorcerer can take the boon of mutation ability (the one that gives him an extra roll on the chart at the beginning) for 10 points. he can also have meltabombs for 5 points, and you can buy an icon of flame for 15

230 Arhiman
240 for squad
although a level 3 sorcer is only 140, with mark of tzeentch he is 155

Raptors are 95 for 5, and 17 points for up to 10 more
same upgrades as before

WARP TALONS, are the new raptor. They are 160 for 5 and 30 each for up to 5 more. They all have twin lightning claws. and they have an attack on the turn they deep strike.
its not an assault on arrival. its an attack that makes everyone within 6" of the unit blinded. so if you thread the needle, they won't be shot up

Defiler is 195 now, with all the normal options.
demonforge, the ability you're thinking of, is a once per game re-roll to damage

Forgefiends are 175, they have TWO Hades Autocannons. A Hades Autocannon is 48", Heavy 4, Str 8 AP 4... pinning they are only bs 3, so it's about the same. and once per game it can reroll to-wound and to-pen you can, however, swap those weapons out for Ectoplasm cannons. which are str 8 plasma cannons. and for 200 you get THREE of them. so that's some ap 2 love
3 HP, 12/12/10 armor

Dragon 170, they have 1 hades auto cannon
3 HP, 12/12/10
they can make a melee attack against other fliers
Big rumours dump from Faeit yet again
via Faeit 212 (a Must Remain Anonymous Source)

Dragon Flyer - 12/12/10

2 butcher cannons, bs3, immune to shaken/stunned, can be locked velocity as normal. Flyer only, no hover/skimmer mode. Can vector strike at strength 10. Strafing run.
Because this might be misinterpreted I'm going to be really clear: It does not have "two firing profiles." It has 2 butcher cannons, and that's it. It does not have blasts of any kind. It is "BS4" against ground targets because of strafing run (go read it, it's a USR for details).

Terminators can be upgraded to chosen, getting +1 WS (5) and +1 wound (2), and fearless. They can take marks on top of that. It gets expensive.
- Interestingly enough, when upgraded they are troops if you take Abbadon, yet normal Terminators are Elites.
There are no "chaos storm shields,"
The best you can get is Mark of Tzeench to upgrade your 5+ invulnerable from Terminator armour to a 4+.

There is a piece of chaos wargear that gives a 4+ invulnerable, but it is not a storm shield it can just be added for characters. Yes it upgrades via mark of tzeench to 3+. No it's not available for sorcerers.

Vindicator is unchanged, but can take daemonic possession (as all chaos vehicles can). No melta of any kind on it except the potential to buy a pintle-mounted combi-melta as an upgrade.

As for the essentially indirect fire mechanism? That's made up. As for the daemonic possession changing the weapon profile for 1 shot that then expends the daemonic possession? That's made up.

The new book has a lot to explore, and lots of fiddly options here and there. The post about Abbadon and the previous one have no basis on the actual print what so ever.
And yet again, Faeit has some rumours
Originally Posted by Faeit 212 (a Must Remain Anonymous Source)
Dark Apostles
It's correct in how they are purchased and that they confer abilities to the unit they're in.

They universally confer fearless(because they are fearless) and furious charge. Beyond those two, the abilities that they add to the unit are not as good as the ones you have posted, and in some cases not even remotely similar.

Dark Apostles's are more along the lines of watered down cult troops, but if added to a cult unit they still "bolster" the cult units effects.

i.e. Dark Apostle in a Plague Marine unit get FnP 4+ instead of 5+, or confers a 5+ to a unit of marines or cultists.

Let me be frank though and clarify that there is no unit that gets rampage that is not limited to 3 models. It's reserved for independent characters, walkers, monstrous creatures and some multi-wound, small number units.

Your unit of 8 khorne berserkers doesn't potentially double in effectiveness by taking less of them.

Daemon Princes
The daemon prince stuff is accurate

Daemon Princes are exalted CSM's, not Daemon's (though they have the Daemon rules), so they are not the same as from the Daemon codex. They have clear heritage as space marines.
via Faeit 212 (anonymous source)
Lord Abbadon:
Lord abbadon will become even more of a beast than he is now,
stats will remain the same and the rules he has at the moment will remain the same but there is also additional rules as well.

despicable fury: abaddon true hatred for the imperium is so deep that no other chaos space marine can match it. to represent this for each imperium enemy abbadon kills he makes an additional attack & follow all the rules of his daemon weapon (so like the furioso just with abbadon)

the second gift of tzeench: abaddon has pleased tzeench with his helping in the great game & so has granted his own personal physic aura. to represent this when abaddon suffers an unsaved wound he may re roll it (including invulnerable saves). But if abbadon fails his save again then he suffers the wound & loses an additional wound due to tzeench feeling betrayed for giving him a second gift.

none can stand the will of the dark gods: when abbadon issues a challenge or accepts a challenge (as described on page X) he ignores his despicable fury rule and instead counts his weapon as being a force weapon (which still requires a point of warp charge)

Fluff Changes
When abbadon takes a critical imperium planet he is then spoken to by tzeench personal herald to do a certain task (sorry cannot tell you that part) in the end abbadon completes this task and tzeench shows abbadon his vision of the great transformation and abbadon sitting on the golden throne along side the dead emperor. thus tzeench gives abbadon a second gift, as the planet abbadon has taken has pleased tzeench and angered the other gods without abbadon knowing a thing.

and apparently the chaos codex is super close, but white dwarf pictures will be hard to get seeing as they have been given only to (suspected workers) and the shops will receive them a day before release.
More from Faeit
via Faeit 212 (Anonymous)
the chaos space marine daemon prince being increased by 40pts! & having the lash ability taken away for good (apparently to cheesy)
the daemon prince will have to pay the same points for wings as a daemons prince from the chaos daemons codex so it is is more balanced.

dark Apostles will be the same as the blood angels sangunary priest (can have up to 3 & they count as 1 elite)
the apostle will only give you abilities depending on the mark it has taken.

the list is as follows :
Undivided : unit becomes fearless & relentless and gain feel no pain
khorne : unit gains rage , furious charge & rampage
nurgle: unit gains feel no pain , it will not die and slow and purposeful (if it joins a unit with feel no pain already then the feel no pain roll is one lower than normal)
tzeench: units gains a 5+ invulnerable save that can be re rolled if failed (unit and apostle can re roll once per game)
slannesh: unit gains fleet , + 1 initiative and rending
Small tidbit about Angron
Here's the bit on Angron: (via the ever dependable Harry)

He's advancing, from left to right. Two chainaxes, one in each hand. Right hand going for an overhead chop, the other drawn back against his torso for a sideswipe (because it's Angron, he can't possibly be blocking!). High collar. White shoulder plates. Dreadlock-like neural-implants. Very angry. Link-chain cloak with a few skulls attached...

He is a good bit bigger than a 'normal' marine.
Stickmonkey has some release dates for us
Originally Posted by Stickmonkey
It's hitting pretty hard that CSM are actually October, the confusion amongst the rumor mongers is that word is WD will hit the 22nd, in time for GD UK the 23rd. With pre-orders for CSM within. And on sale date of Sept. 29th. with a later in the month of Oct 2nd wave.

So the CSM out Sept is technically correct, but the reality is its the Oct release.
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