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I am never allowed to play a kender in any Dragonlance setting or when the GM is using a generic and say "Play whatever." Every person in the group would tell you I had the best roleplayed character by far, but that was also the problem. I tried to tone it down by making myself roll to see if I did some of the "Kender" things I came up with.

My wife is not allowed to play the rogue, with the bag of holding, who is in charge of the loot. I was DM and she asked me about it. I said you're a thief. They thought she's a new player, not gonna think in the terms of roleplaying counter to the groups interests. They got to the end of a really long multi part quest and decided to divide everything up. Everyone said I thought we had more than that but no one really looked into it. She showed me on her paper were she had almost as much gold as everyone else put together.
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