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Here comes the weekend and I'll be playing to an empty room. I did manage to cut out most of the basic components of both feet and hope to have them glued together this weekend. I used 2.0 mm for the tread base and the rest is 1.0 mm styrene. This beastie is going to consume a lot of plastic but the fabrication will be a lot easier as all the material will be the same so no problem with glue compatibility which is a big plus.

I'll just add this on:

The octagons are the center of the foot pads and are 2.0 mm thick and about 5.0 x 4.5 inches the larger boxes to the right are the front and back toes and the smaller boxes at the extreme left are the side toes. Both sets of these toes will be movable with hinges. The truncated toe pieces to the far right may or mayn't be movable as I haven't planned that far as yet but the disc will tilt side to side and the top surface will house a semicircular gear shape which will allow the entire foot to tilt forward and aft. This should afford a full range of motion to the feet. The semicircle will have a countersunk screw for the axis and a pal nut on the other side to provide the tension to maintain the various poses.




Ambitious? yes;

Possible? most probably,

Crazy? almost certainly.

Ah but if it works Priceless!
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