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After a brief discussion of how to escape the station, it is agreed to use the hole in the guard wall would be the most effective way off the station. After Kruger is informed of this he begins to yell various insults at the guard, getting his attention, the two start to throw curses at each other. While the guard isn't looking, Draval approuchs the hole in the gate, lifting a piece of scrap metal out of the way. Draval motions for everyone else to follow. Being careful not to make much noise, the group manages to squeeze through the small gap of chain link and plywood, and is released straight into the metro. The hole appears to exit behind the outhouse, which is producing a very powerful smell, it now seems obvious why no one would check this part of the wall for holes, even a mutant might try to find a better smelling way.

The group struggles to find a space for everyone to fit in the small space as the dim light from the fire only helps so much. The fire from the outside sentry post seems to be at lease fifteen metres away, there are three guards sitting, eating and talking. This is the part of the job they love, the part they despise is the point they are even there. A man with a machine gun is standing in a wooden extension of the wall, it appears to be a recent addition, most likely because of the increase in gory mutant stories. The main outer door for the caravans, the one the guard requested taxes from on the inside, is about ten metres away and a guard stands with his back to it, leaning on the wall just beside it. These men are heavily armed, it would be a very difficult fight to win, but not impossible.

Suddenly, gunshots ring out from inside the station. The commander of the outside guard stands from his chair and orders three of his men to investigate. The machine gunner in the wooden addition lifts his gun up and points it into the darkness of the metro tunnels. The guard who was only seconds ago relaxing with his back to the wall draws his gun and is already taking cover behind the barricade in front of the wall. The three men open up the main gate and walk in with there weapons drawn. Most gunshots ring out, and everyone can hear Krugers voice as he curses the entire station, the last part of his sanity must have rotted away.

There's no going back, Kruger gave his distraction, best to move forward to Pride Station while he does his job. But there's still those two guards to get past.

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