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Originally Posted by Midge913 View Post
I like the yellow, but the flesh is just a bit flat. You have some shading in there, maybe deepening that and adding some highlights would sort that out. All in all some solid pieces.
Originally Posted by Disciple_of_Ezekiel View Post
Absolutley wonderful Meldon, I didnt know you had an inner rat...HEHEHEH! The colors are very neautral, yet sorta pop out at ya. Good job buddy, this deserves some Rep from me.

Originally Posted by Moriouce View Post
Realy nice as always Looking forward to our next painting night
Originally Posted by Kreuger View Post
Hey these guys look good. I think midge is right on that these guys might be a little flat looking. The tidiness of the color areas makes them look almost cartoony. Which on the one hand is impressive, but it doesn't seem in keeping with the dirty scrappy nature of skaven.
Thanks all of you for the kind remarks. I have been looking at the skin areas myself a bit and I also thought they looked a bit flat. Its only tallarn flesh washed with ogryn flesh and then rehighligtend with tallarn flesh again. Im not really sure that colour I should use on them to get a more "gritty" and less "cartoony" feel to them though. I kinda try to keep away from mixing colours mostly becouse its such a huge numbers of models I have to paint for this army, so if you have any good ideas of what colour I could use right out of the pot I would be really happy to know

And on a side note, Im gona stop promising to show pictures the next day, Im way to bad at delivering to that promise

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