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If It's for the GT go with the Annihilators, I ended up taking three of them and they worked a treat. Due to the 24" range of the Baals Assault cannon and having escalation thrown Into 50% of the games the Baal suffers as It doesn't have the option of maximising damage upon arrival.
I'd be a bit wary of starting BA's at the moment though due to the new update on It's way via WD (May/June), could change the list dramatically so I'd wait a couple of months before you delve In.
As for your list I'd consider going for a Jump pack for the Chaplain, having one of the filthiest CC units In the game stuck In a rhino won't do them any good, the rhino will be public enemy No1 and once It's gone footslogging DC are easilly avoided. Also your Furioso's come In at 133pts each so you should have some spare points for some 'naked' vets!

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