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Originally Posted by Red Corsairs View Post
I am always looking forward to your next update and this one did not disappoint. Great job on the very clean white look and the power weapons look excellent. The freehand is top notch and the colour scheme as a whole works really well. It's just a shame about Dante's backpack (the area around the vents look distorted).
Yeah, it was distorted. I thought it was odd when I picked him up that the store clerk apologized that they didn't have the metal version in stock. Now that I've painted both, I prefer him in metal.

Which I find odd, because I often prefer painting resin miniatures from other companies (Forge World included).

Just a little while ago, I got a chance to paint up a third party resin mini alongside a Finecast one, and the difference was stark. I don't understand why GW can't get better quality resin than the little guys.

Anyway, that's all a little off topic.

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