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When we finally reached the camp, all eyes turned to the roaring vehicle. The company’s commander, Bavor Ronas, stormed out of the command bunker. “What in the name of the Emperor is going on?”

As Dalmak pulled the wounded man out of the speeder, Bavor’s expression changed from confusion to anger. “By the Throne, did you shoot a civilian? You bloody idiots! What the hell were you thinking?”

I pulled the crate out, stepping up to Bavor. “We didn’t do jack shit. Our buddy here is a mutant though, picking up an unmarked, unscheduled airdrop. Check his face and fingers. Oh, you may want to get some people to interrogate him as well.”

I walked past him into the command bunker, the commander’s angry demands of respect following me. They stopped short soon enough. My guess has always been that he saw the monster then.

Dalmak and Bavor entered a moment later, the latter looking shocked. Dalmak nodded to me. “Mutant’s been sent to med-bay to patch the worst up. Let’s see what’s in this crate.”

I set the crate on a table, undoing the rusted latches and throwing it open. Another crate resided within, in pristine condition. I carefully lifted it out, noticing a small code pad on the side, no visible lock in sight.

“Damn.” Bavor took out his vox-caster, flipping through command channels. “Authorization code eight-four-nine-eight-seven. Code pad bypass, command bunker. Affirmative. “Moments later, a technician entered, kneeling in front of the table. He began to examine the box, pulling out various tools.

I looked at Bavor. “We should return to the drop site and scope it out. His “buddies” might come looking for him. We could follow them back.”

“Negative, Captain. We need confirmation before wasting resources. Let the interrogators work on your haul first.”

“With all due respect, sir, if we wait for that it might be too late. This is obviously an organized group. They arranged a drop site from a certified cargo ship, with a rather large shipment. There’s no record of anyone even living in that sector! We should at the very least investigate the area or check with the cargo ship!”

“Control yourself Captain! This is just nerves getting to you. Enjoy the calm; don’t attack anything that causes a stir.”

“He’s a throne-damned mutant!”

“Obey your orders!”

The technician rose, awkwardly raising a hand. “Sirs? It’s done.” He popped open the crate, quickly packing his tools and leaving.

Bavor and I went to it, peering in. I smiled smugly.

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