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A bemused Nikolai glances towards Kruger, just in time to see a tear run to his face. "What the Hell is going on?" Nikolai mutters to himself, before stepping back from everybody. The problem here is that everybody isn't acting like a group yet, they dont trust each other, so mistakes are being made, and they were all standing about arguing with the first hurdle they have reached. Nikolai briefly considers leaving the group, since there didn't seem much chance of surviving mutants and the other perils of the metro if they didnt act together, but dismissed the idea. He needed money.

One of the group approaches Kruger and starts talking to him in a low voice, asking him to show the guard whats in the package. "This is bloody rediculous" Nikolai grumbles to himself, once again the guy hadn't even thought about what the rest of the group might want to do.
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