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The more we look at this rule the more elaborate and problematic it becomes. Also its not a set of attack, but hits. There is no established precedent for your interpretation, but their is one for stacking effects as many units inflict hits rather then attack. The only problem is their are currently no precedent for a single model generating a set hit amount (Most are weapons that inflict a set amount of hits and are generated by a single piece of wargear). However the wording of the rule does steer us away from interpreting it as an attack set, otherwise it would be worded like the bonus attacks that are generated by say a daemon weapon.

In other words I can not think of a single precedent that establishes how multiple mind shackle scarabs should work. However at the very least your interpretation of multiple tests, but only one effect on a single unit should be the most reserved interpretation till its faqed. However if someone argued that a single pass would stop all other shackle effects then that person would find himself hard pressed to find a necron player willing to play against him using his extremely anti-necron interpretation.

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