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Well I haven't read Razumov's Tomb, but thanks for the advice about it, I'm intrigued now.

And you know I hadn't thought of those things about Dragonmage, but I suppose I just read without thinking and don't think that deeply. I would say that Wraight writes elves in general better than Werner, and I agree with you about the Slann stuff, unexpected and abrupt.

Haha, good way of putting it, tree-huggy, but I see what you mean. I suppose Werner was trying to portray the elves as sot of 'noble defenders' of Athel Loren or something similar.

I've read the first Thanquol book, and it was the reason I bought THoS because I just wanted more skaven afterwards!

Oh, and I didn't mean to get defensive, but thanks for the rep! I seriously do just put instinctual scores, and it usually works out. But thanks for the debate, and the rep, repped back cause you're awesome

Hey, I write a lot, I read a lot, and everything from BL that I read I'll review.
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