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Razumov's Tomb is a different kettle of (cuttle)fish - you'rll see what I mean when you get round to it.

I haven't read Grail Knight yet, so can't really comment on that, but thanks for setting out where you are coming from on this.

I'm a huge Chris Wraight fan but I didn't find Dragonmage as interesting as this book because (1) The Slann stuff was imo more interesting, but didn't go anywhere (2) Once the story was fit into the timeline and Finubar was mentioned the outcome was obvious (3) The dragon stuff was a bit meh for me personally. There were a huge number of good bits that I ought to set out in your Dragonmage review post.

In terms of THOS, the only problem I had with the elves was that they were too similar to High Elves - my expectation was that they would be more tree huggy. But I just read it as a different angle.

As to your love of the Skaven and how awesome they are, Werner is the lead author on Skaven characters. Definitely have a look at his Thanquol stuff if you haven't already.

I would add that Werner has touched on Elves at least once before - Wulfrik comes to mind, but that's not here or there.


The scoring remark was not a jab (just making that clear), but everyone seems to rate these books at 8/10 or thereabouts and normally it means that there is no real scale of interesting book or boring book (then again that probably comes down to likes and dislikes).

Overall an interesting review with plenty of room for debate - have some rep.
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