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lol well fine hehe another idea shot down

alright then so if i scrap the phoenix star then how about this then. basically i've been posting a bunch of lists because i'm looking to get into a 4th army (empire, dorfs, O&G) and have an OK list that i really like (both models and cost), but just running through a bunch of ideas with other armies incase something really glares and pulls me in.

2,500 Points - High Elves of Chrace (even)

Lords: 360 Points (14.40%)
Archmage - Lvl 4, Annulian Crystal, Talisman of Preservation, Amulet of Light, Lore of Shadows

Heroes: 334 Points (13.36%)
Noble - BSB, Dragon Armour, GW, LB, Banner of the World Dragon

Core: 658 Points (26.32%)
Archers x30 - Musician, SB, Banner of Eternal Flames
Spearmen x32 - Musician, SB

Special: 948 Points (37.92%)
White Lions x31 - Musician, SB, Razor Standard
3x Lion Chariots

Rare: 200 Points (8.00%)
4x Great Eagles

- sort of split up the deathstar. would put the bsb and am with the archers (bsb has a lb). mage will mindrazor the spearmen block.

- the archer unit has all their attacks as magical and flaming which should help some especially at 30". The BSB also has a 3S6 magical flaming combat attacks if something gets close to them.

- i like korhil in this list moving up with the white lions (with razor banner) and chariots and eagles. hoping all of them will have a good chance of dishing out some damage. but, by taking him, did i nerf the list in some way thought?

oh well, C&C, thoughts, suggestions, advice, etc are always appreciated.



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