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Originally Posted by seermaster View Post
pathindres will take you youll have to take dangerous terain when ether you move with all the terrain and as for rules no heavys no hq 3 usr alocated to diferent models all models are indavidual models when half of your army is dead you take leadership tests or die this with dt and sniper fire would take you out

By absolutely no means would pathfinders beat the reavers. I can simply assault you. As for difficult terrain my bikers have skilled rider. This strategy is in case the pathfinders have crack shot, in the other case once again, I can just turbo boost over you to death.

@ Darkrider

If I put down reavers it was probably because I dont like recommending them to people because they are situational/ difficult to use. I would never bring them to a tournamnet, but they have won me many games.

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