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to be honest, never really think about a magic banner on my bsb's (except night gobbo with spider banner). always kit the bsb out with armour and ward saves and elcheapo magic item.

If i take that banner than the lores are kind of odd choices to select to go with botwd. lore attributes and signature spells won't work. guess beasts on the level 2 mage, what should i go with on the lvl 4 am then?

now that my bsb is gimped combat wise, should i try to incorporate caradryan back in (from an earlier list version i had) so there's a decent challenge blocker(accepter) for the mages? and since his magic cloak would give the phoenixstar MR3 i could go with razor banner instead.

would need to drop something though. leaning towards 1 chariot and 1 eagle or should i keep them and drop the level 2 mage? lol grrr items i wanted go then too hehe darn it.

oh well, C&C, suggestions, advice, thoughts, etc are always appreciated.



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