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Default 2.5k HE phoenix star...

Probably going to be a few folks who see another deathstar and go stfugtfo, but it's still just concept atm. it's not like there's a vast number of units to choose from that are worthwhile in their army book hehe. I do have some concerns below.

2,500 Points - High Elves (2,497 Points)

Lords: 360 Points (14.40%)
Archmage - Lvl 4, Lore of Shadows, Annulian Crystal, Talisman of Preservation, Amulet of Light

Heroes: 339 Points (13.56%)
Mage - Lvl 2, Lore of Life, Silver Wand, Sacred Incense
Noble - BSB, Armour of Destiny, Halberd (i'd take GW but i'd be over)

Core: 640 Points (25.60%)
Archers x30 - SB, Musician, Banner of Eternal Flame
Spearmen x30 - SB, Musician

Special: 958 Points (38.32%)
Phoenix Guard x33 - SB, Musician, Banner of Arcane Protection
White Lion Chariot x3

Rare: 200 Points (8.00%)
Great Eagle x4

- Ok so everyone goes with the PG and forms up as 9x4 or 6x6 if needed. The 2 lores, sacred incense, and MR2 banner makes this unit pretty darn defensive to go along with it's 5+/4++.

- I could change the bsb from a halbred back to a shield. Would have taken GW on bsb but didn't have the points (i'd be over by 2).

- With points freed from bsb, i could change the silver wand to a scepter of stability of jewel of dusk. Felt the silver wand on lvl 2 life mage would help insure getting spells wanted. Also felt the incense was better for this concept then spending the points on staff of saphery. Could also take the channeling staff to try and get more dice on both turns.

- The 3x lion chariots and 4x eagles pressing forward (or to the outside for flank runs) should give the enemy something to worry about.

- Hopefully with a lvl 4 + lvl 2 + annulian crystal + high elf dispel bonus, should be able to lock down the no-save game ender spells (primary) and then bad hexes (secondary) unless its a cheesewhiz spam of dice to force IF. Ahh maybe i should drop the silver wand and sacred incense and take tricker's pendant for miscast rerolls; ohh that would be worthwhile /evilcackle

- Dunno how long my lvl 2 will last w/o any save so thats why it has life lore.

- Flaming banner sort of makes the archers somewhat useful being able to volley trolls and the like at 30", and on turn one if good placement.

Oh well, C&C appreciated as always. Again this is just an idea atm.



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