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in his mind he saw a all encompassing flame erupt out of the end of his flamer as if time was being sped up. waiting until he'd hear the canister give off it's strained hiss he'd trigger the release and let the canister drop free. in the same moment Baldur would quickly grab one of the spare canisters and slap it in before pulling back and locking it into place. he'd keep doing this, waiting for a few seconds, triggering the release, and then swapping out as if everything in the world was gone and it was just him and his flamer. he wanted to get his reloading times down so that he could better support his brothers in the field and not be concerned with being caught off guard with nothing but a bolt pistol between him and his brother's doom, to this extent one almost did not want to count how many fuel canisters were at Baldur's feet right now.

as soon as the intercom came on and the voice of an elder brother could be heard Baldur froze in his tracks, hand only just barely away from another canister as he stopped moving, intently listening to what was being said. “Squad Daedalus, report to your chambers and arm yourselves before meeting at the armory. We are going to war brothers.” said one of Baldur's battle brothers... a image of a man lingering in the back of Baldur's mind, the image of their Sargent. it was at this point that Baldur darted from his position surrounded by empty fuel canisters... not that they were ever full anyway... and towards his chambers, he said nothing to his brothers beyond "Come brothers, let us treat the enemies of the emperor to a little barbeque! perhaps then in the glory of his fine flame they can taste his light"

Baldur ran at full tilt to the armory, surprisingly enough not smacking into any of his fellow brothers or even any of the human crew of the ship. reaching said armory Baldur's eyes darted around looking for his brothers, or anyone relay. eagerness for his first honors as a full space marine were not what drove him, nore was the desire to spill blood for the first time in his new armor, what drove him was the approaching bonfire and the chance to make it bigger so to speak.

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