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Default New Armies (part 2)

Ok so here's the second part of the quest for a new GT army. Once again please vote for your favourite and leave any comments!

So here we go again!

1500pts Sann Haim Army

Autarch (HQ) @ 140pts
Bike, L Lance, F Blaster, Mandi Blaster

2x 4 jet bikes (Troops) @ 196pts
S/Cannon each

5 Shining Spears (Fast) @ 227pts
Exarch, Star Lance, With draw

2x Viper’s (Fast) @ 120pts
2x S/cannons

Falcon (Heavy) @ 195pts
2x S/cannons, Holo, Spirit, V Engines

2x Prism’s (Heavy) @ 320pts
Holo, Spirit,

6x Fire Dragons (Elites) @ 113pts
Exarch, Dragons Breath, Crack Shot

7x Swooping Hawks (Fast) @ 189pts
Exarch, Talon, Intercept, Leap

32 models.

1500pts Tau Empire

Shas’o (HQ) @ 135pts
Plasma, ion blaster, shield, Multi-tracker

4x Stealth suit’s (Elites) @ 160pts
Targeting Arrays

2x Battle Suits (Elites) @ 159pts
2x Fusion, plasma, multi-t
Team leader, H/W Drone controller
2x Shield Drones

2x 8 Fire Warriors (Troops) @ 400
Devilfish, T/Array, Multi, D/Launchers, SMS

2x Piranha’s (Fast) @ 170pts
Fusion Blasters, D/Launchers, T/Array, seekers

Sky Ray (heavy) @ 155pts
Burst Cannons, T/Array, M/Tracker, D/Launchers

Hammerhead (Heavy) @ 180pts
Railgun, SMS, M/Tracker, T/Lock, D/Launchers

Hammerhead (Heavy) @ 135pts
Ion, Burst cannons, M/Tracker, T/Lock, D/Launchers

1494 pts
30 models

1500pts Blood Angels

Reclusiarch (HQ) @ 196pts
Crozius, Bolt Pistol.

6x Tac Squad (Troops) @ 213pts
Razerback, E/A, Smoke, T/Lascannon

6x Tac Squad (Troops) @ 193pts
Razorback E/A, Smoke, T/H Bolters

6x Blood Angel Scouts (Troops) @ 78pts

3x Landspeeder Tornado’s (Fast) @ 240pts

2x Furioso Dreadnought’s (Elites) @ 306pts
E/A, Smoke, Drop Pod

2x Annihilator’s (Heavy) @ 270pts
H/Bolters Sponsons, E/A.

1496 pts
33-36 models


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