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Originally Posted by bitsandkits View Post
to be honest i dont actually think anyone cares or until this was posted had heard of the company or the alleged scam other than Madcowcrazy
I heard about them on the D6 Generation podcast, I believe they have quite allot of listeners. I tried them out because they had some huge discounts, 30-40% off RRP if I remember correctly. Painting I can do myself but those discounts for boxed models were too good to pass up on, so I ordered 4 boxes of everything from the DE release. I was then told GW took offence to their huge discounts and refused to send them their orders, thus the waiting began. 6-7 months later I received my boxes.

They had to do a new pricing deal with a max of 20% off RRP and some other requirements set by GW so they changed back to their US supplier. This is about as much as I remember from the emails I received.
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