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Originally Posted by Anilar View Post
I believe you can change the title of this thread, where you can write recruitment closed or something.
Generally only site staff ever have the ability to change a thread title, and that is the case here on Heresy.

Originally Posted by Anilar View Post
The name with black text is a good idea, if people have discipline enough to read only what they should read.
In an ideal world it won't matter, and in general it should not matter if you read someone else's update since you can't act on it anyway. (Unless you and another person have the exact same update of course.)

Originally Posted by Anilar View Post
Serpion5 does something similar, but he somehow, (don't know how) makes a little tab beside the name, where spoiler is written. When clicked it opens a little box where the text is written. Not that it will stop people from reading if they want to read, but it might just feel nicer.
That would be Serpion adding spoiler tags, done in the same way you add quote or url tags.

That being you type spoiler (or quote, or url) in between a pair of brackets at the start of the text you want to hide and then /spoiler (or /quote, or /url) in brackets at the end of it. (Should look like [ spoiler ][ /spoiler ] but remove the spaces to make it work.)

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Seriously, is it really that hard to write reviews without spoilers?

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