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Hey, I hope there is room for another player. I have written up my character below.

Name: Androv Olak

Age: 33

Looks: A man of average build, Androv doesn't stand out in a crowd. Brownish hair with grey creeping in, a full red beard also with grey streaks. Grey blue eyes, Androv have a constant tired look on him, from a man who have lived to many years in the metro and survived. Androv have many scars across his body from cuts and bullet holes, telling there own story of his fortitude and his age, none have slowed him down or given any other permanent handicap.

Story: Androv have to think hard if he is to remember his childhood, his life have from a young age been about survival, the building up of and the security of Free station west. What he remembers is mostly vague images of his parents, there smiles and there love for him.

Androv have for as long he remembers had a rifle or shotgun in his hand, and loyalty for free station west and its people in his heart. Been a guard in his late teens, to be a caravan guard between the various stations that free station west trades with. A thankless job, he have worked on for a decade, that keeps several stations running, making it possible to trade supplies for much needed food, water and ammunition.

Androv have been in many skirmishes against criminals, raiders, mutants and desperate people. And have somehow survived many wounds to his, even with the substandards of medical and surgical care of the metro stations.

Androv have experienced that the metro tunnels have become more crowded, and he believes the rumors about more mutants underground. Not that he have fought of more mutants than usual, but he have seen refugees travelling the tunnels, ignoring the dangers there is. And heard more stories than he care to admit.

Androv have taught many young men and women to survive the metro and its dangers, and he feels it is the young peoples time to make there mark. That it is there time to keep the station safe, and the caravans running.
He feels that he is becoming to old, and that he soon will be more of a burden for the station than he will be a help. So he has decided to go on his last adventure, hoping that he might figure out what is happening, and then can help his station and friends in some way or another.

Perks: Rifle Training, Melee Training, Survival and Operate Machinery.

Equipment: Strained grey shirt, black jacket with several patches, brown pants, hiking boots, black toque.

Repaired rifle, twenty eight degraded rifle rounds, combat knife

One bag of dried mushrooms, two large mushrooms

Rusty Swiss army knife, small water bottle, very rare tinderbox and four matches, a wrench, all held within a black bag.

Sneaky Wood Elf.
Give me a 5+ ward save and I can't be killed.

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