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The wine was nothing, a dry and bitter ordeal that left a light tang at the back of his throat after swallowing. Where some might appreciate the aroma it gave off, Ajak smelled nothing but sweat and grease. It had been this way for weeks now, ever since his thoughts had been pervaded by images of the past. They were not dreams, for like many a space marine he was spared the distraction of such things, but memories from the past when much was lost and all that remained hung in the balance. At first he had trouble controlling these images, but over time had become the master of them when other, far more important, tasks came to the fore. He sat with several of the other members of Daedalus, the youths Petros and Titanus and the veteran Jalecus Kara n sitting Kondro’s opposite.

Titanus ignored his own drink, instead focusing on the damage wrought unto his helmet. He wanted to reprimand the youth; to have gone into training cages fully armoured and risk damaging another’s war-plate, it went against the teachings of the codex as laid down by the Ultramarines gene-sire. But he did not, for that had been the order of sergeant Daedalus, and he himself was guilty of such a thing. It had not been a challenging affair, his fight with Petros; and it had taken much for him to not continue on the youth after he had been felled. For Kondro had heard the rumours about the boy and Daedalus had confirmed them to be true; that he had been defeated as easily as he had, such a thing was little less than an outright travesty.

Kondro grimaced at that thought, which the likes of Petros and Titanus were to be the future of the Fists once people like he and Karan fell in battle. They had far to go these two, and though he would never give voice to the truth of things, he did acknowledge that they had some merit. They had earned their war-plate, it had not been given to them in haste to replenish their ranks. “Tend to your wounds another time Petros, make good with your drink and you will prove your worth of the armour you wear.” Kondro growled out, part of his lip curling into a sneer from an uncontrolled nerve cluster firing off.

But his words had come out to soon, as sergeant Daedalus’s voiced filled his hearing from the vox bead built into his ear. “Squad Daedalus, report to your chambers and arm yourselves before meeting at the armoury. We are going to war brothers.” Meron Daedalus’s voice cut out as quickly as it had cut in, and the effect of those words was evident in the stances and expressions of the others. Titanus stood up without a word and simply left them for his own chambers, where his weapons had remained. Kondro shook his head at that, the youth had left everything in his chambers but a veteran brother would know well enough not to leave one-self completely unarmed.

Karan’s questioning words brought Kondro’s mind back to the here as he himself returned to his feet. “You have fought beside Daedalus for as long as I, he reserves war for one enemy and one alone.” He says before turning to stare at Petros, his bionic eye whirring as it moves into focus on the youth. “Looks like you will be getting a chance to show everyone the validity of the rumours.”

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