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Default Crimson Tide - A Crimson Fist Role-play Action

The Cassar, the silvery citadel of New Rynn city, now the fortress monastery of the Crimson Fist chapter, a beacon of hope to the inhabitants. The Cassar, protected by powerful Void shields, and tall walls, was now the most secure location on the planet since the destruction of Arx Tyrannus.

Within its large and hallowed halls the few Crimson Fists that survived the ork WAAAGH! Snagrod, and the few marines that have been inducted into the Chapter since reside.

Deep within the Cassar stood the command chamber, and it was here that five figures were assembled around a holograph of a planet, Corunus II. Sergeant Meron Daedalus stood fully armoured as were his brethren that were also in the room. Sergeant Alexis Tivonus, a devastator sergeant with almost a century’s worth of experience, and Sergeant Sophus Glavis, his fellow tactical marine sergeant stood still as they were briefed by a figure wearing the black, and iconography of the Chaplaincy, Chaplain Prometheus. The last figure stayed silent as the Chaplain gave the brief, sat upon his throne he studied his sergeants faces, the Lord Hellblade, Pedro Kantor chapter master of the Crimson Fists.

"The orks that once violated our system threaten one of our brother chapters recruiting world. Corunus II. Our Imperial fist brethren have called for aid, orks from the WAAAAGH!Snagrod have made planetfall and hold most of the planet as it is. Our mission is to aid in the defence of the Capital as we are close to the affected area, and hold until reinforcements arrive. Our mission is clear brothers, we cannot allow ourselves to get distracted by vengence. For the Emperor!"

Pedro stood, each marine saluting to him with respect that his position demanded. “Our Imperial Fist brothers need our help brothers. It wasn’t long ago that they helped us rid this world of the xeno filth that they themselves find attacking them. We can’t spare a company, and as such this Task Force of 30 will go, bring honour to the chapter.” His voice boomed around the hall. The sergeants bowed low to him before leaving to tend to their respective squads, thoughts of vengeance burning in their souls.

Meron activates his comm unit to the rest of his squad. “Squad Daedalus, report to your chambers and arm yourselves before meeting at the armoury. We are going to war brothers.”

Amadis Covas Alexandros Vazquez, Dariel Lupus and Baldur Stragus:

You four are in one of the training halls of the Cassar, all of you are wearing your armour and are practising your bolter drills and maintaining your weaponry. You were to train with the Sergeant, but as he was called away by a chapter surf at the beginning of the session, giving you precise instructions on what to do, you have been left alone. While you go through reloading drills and practising shooting simulations of Orks at the end of the range you have an opportunity to talk about your rise to being full tactical marines. How do you feel about this? As you finish shooting at the targets you get the sergeants message. Are you excited by the prospect of going to war the first time as full tactical marines?

Jalecus Karan Xavier Petros Estrus Titanus and Ajak Kondro:

The four of you have been in one of the feasting halls in the Cassar, after a morning of sparring with each other in the cages. Xavier Petros you fought Ajak Kondro and were defeated by him with a blow to your chest. Estrus Titanus you fought Jalecus Karan and were beaten by him with a smart blow to your head. The fact that the victors benefit from experience helps carry the fights in their favour. You will get the sergeant’s message and will head to the armoury straight away. Veterans, how do you feel of going to war. Will you be excited by it like the newest members of your squad?

OOC: First update I am giving you a chance to interact with each other, fighting will come soon.

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