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Depends if you plan on completely closing your recruitment once you start the action thread or not. If not, then four shouldn't be to bad and others can join in later. Bringing new players into the story is not very hard, assuming you don't make it hard. (If a new player brings in a character, its easier to just treat the character as if they had always been there. They get to know the same general information the other characters do, whats happened, and there is no need for an awkward introduction phase.)

If you are planning to close recruitment, so that no one else can join in, then do realize that should any of your four players drop out (and please no one try the bullshit that such a thing won't happen because it can and does) the effort put in to keep things going may not be worth it. Closing recruitment after a certain point in the story is understandable, if 75% of the story is complete and someone new comes in, there is little chance of that character developing well enough.

As for these characters, you guys might want to give a bit more for your respective appearances.

I mean honestly -

Draval: So I know the colour of his hair and that its greasy, that he is frail and that he has pale skin. But thats it; so for all I know he is a pale blue dwarf of three feet with no eyes and a beard to the floor.

Max: Other than what little there is, he must be an eight foot tall orange skinned gorilla of an individual with corn rows and no teeth.

Nikolai: Actually has a bit more, so I'm just going to guess he is albino or something.

Jack: Well you might as well read Draval and Max and take what you think is funniest from the pair.

My point in all this being that they could stand to have a bit more in regards to what your characters look like. It might make interacting with each other a little easier.

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Seriously, is it really that hard to write reviews without spoilers?

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