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Interesting build. I would go with at least one and probably two mortars and at least one master engineer. The engineer is critical to making the war machines worthwhile. With larger units and horde armies being common, you really want those pie plate mortars (at least until the new book when the mortar hit will be the 3" instead of the 5" template) and the engineers to make sure you hit, even if it means giving up the second unit of flagellants. The other reason to add mortars is to make the enemy come to you. Sometimes, cannons can't kill enough to win VPs unless they have monsters and small units. Mortars can rip up whole units. You need the enemy to come to you to allow the handgunners to shoot because of their move or shoot rules. If you have to march out with the greatswords and flags, then your handgunners will be left behind and vulnerable to being flanked and unable to shoot threats to the war machines.

I'm not a fan of that many greatswords. A good opponent with throw chaf at that unit and shoot it up and tar pit it and then try to defeat the rest of the army in detail. A dwellers, transmutation, or shooting by salamanders, mortars, warp lightning cannons, etc. wll eventually take that unit down faster than you think.

Also, I'd drop one warrior priest and boost the defenses of the other warrior priest. You have enough magic and magic defense already.
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