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Alrighty so to sneak a razor banner in there i changed the lector to a general as i prefer a ward save on my bsb (don't think i've ever taken a magic banner on an empire bsb). And if I go with Lore of Life, then my wizard should go with the GS block for ToV/LB. Dropped one cannon, which makes me feel almost nakid (or at the very least, my fly is down) but we shall see hehe. And wound up with 2x basic WP's (5+/4++ after prayer should be fine).

2,500 Points - Empire
Lords: 413 Points (16.52%)
General - Dawn Armour, Shield, Sword of Might, Ironcurse Icon, Talisman of Preservation
Wizard Lord - Dispell Scroll, Talisman of Endurance, Lore of Life

Heroes: 326 Points (13.04%)
Captain - BSB, FPA, Shield, Holy Relic
Warrior Priest - GW, HA
Warrior Priest - GW, HA

Core: 648 Points (25.92%)
Flagellants x30 (10x3 or 6x5)
Handgunners x12 - Marksman, RHG (6x2)
Handgunners x12 - Marksman, RHG (6x2)
Handgunners x12 - Marksman, RHG (6x2)

Special: 813 Points (32.52%)
Greatswords x55 - Musician, SB, Razor Banner (10x6)
Great Cannon
Great Cannon

Rare: 300 Points (12.00%)
Flagellants x30 (10x3 or 6x5)

- Wondering if I should shuffle wargear around to get a dragonbane gem and dragonhelm on wizard and general respectively vs. flaming?

- Maybe move the priests into the flagellant flankers? won't affect points as they cost the same.

- Dropped the musicians on the HG's, so should I find a way to get those back in somehow (for quick reform) or don't worry?

- Should I perhaps change my handgunners to archers so they can move with the blocks since it's not a gunline anymore?

Oh well, C&C, suggestions, advice, etc. are appreciated.



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