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Default 2.5k Empire melee heavy...

Been awhile since i've toyed around with any of my gw stuff, but was thinking about a list i might try out in the near future. I normally like to go with a couple wizard lords/engineer/captains or lector/priests/captains, but want to sort of mix it up a little. yeah gunlines are fun but gunline after gunline after gunline etc gets monotonous to say the least hehe.

2,500 Points - Empire (2,496)
Lords: 508 Points (20.32%)

Arch Lector - Hammer (sword) of Anti-Heroes, Dawn Armour, Shield, Van Horstmans Speculum, Dragonbane Gem (attached to GS's)
Wizard Lord - Lvl 4, Dispell Scroll, Talisman of Preservation, Lore of Beasts or Lore of Life (attached to 11x HG's)

Heroes: 135 Points (5.40%)
Captain - BSB, FPA, Shield, Biting Blade, Holy Relic (attached to GS's)

Core: 655 Points (26.20%)
Flagellants Warband x30 (10x3 or 6x5)
Handgunners x12 - Marksman, RHG, Musician (6x2)
Handgunners x12 - Marksman, RHG, Musician (6x2)
Handgunners x11 - Marksman, RHG, Musician (6x2)

Special: 898 Points (35.92%)
Greatswords x58 - SB, Musician (10x6)
Great Cannon
Great Cannon
Great Cannon

Rare: 300 Points (12.00%)
Flagellants Warband x30 (10x3 or 6x5)

Concerned about having only 3 cannons/warmachines.

Still not sure whether to go beasts of life for wizard. Beasts will allow blocks to dish out more pain, but Life will allow blocks to last longer.

Other folks are meh about flagellants, but I've had better luck with them than not and you can't go wrong having 2 of them on the flanks.

Big beefy block of GS's moving across the board will be a fire magnet but whatever it touches will cry like a little girl.

The lectors wargear has done well for me plenty of times, but not adamant about it.

I could change the captains blade out for the ironcurse icon if the fire magnet effect is too great.

I like HLR on my HG marksmen but it feels like cheating hehe so have been using RHGs past few times. Can't go wrong with a few shots at higher bs.

Oh well, C&C, tips, advice, suggestions, etc are always appreciated.



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