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Oddly, Kill Team is the only of the LC novels I've read, but I largely concur. It's a nice well-populated novel when it comes to characters and cameos. It's not obvious throughout what's going on, but it carries itself well and isn't so complex as to seem convoluted or absurd.

More'n that, I think Gav's earlier writing is perhaps much less 'his style'; it's more conversational and...non-technical? Gav's later work, especially in The Sundering and Path of the Eldar series, he really carries off a much stronger 'voice' to his work (and, alas, it's one that isn't always popular).

For me, I largely like the bulk of his work. A few 'dud notes' for me in places (the first half of Caledor, the prologue/epilogue of Purging of Kadillus), but broadly I think it's very neat. In particular, though, the early/old distinction is particularly noticeable. I think Kill Team and Angels of Darkness is probably nearing unrecognisable compared to, say, Malekith or Path of the Seer.
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