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You know, I don't wanna look like I'm pandering to the masses, but I coudln't really think of a score for Fifteen Hours, it just sort of came into my head when I was thinking about it. I first gave it a four, then changed it, but I think overall I'd give it a three, since I'd forgotten about the looter guy. What annoys me about Mitchel Scanlon's writing is that it is, as Lupe said, intensely dull. He just drags things out far too much, and that's what made Fifteen Hours boring. But I do agree, all the points you found interesting Doelago, I found quite good as well (especially the propaganda!). But my favourite part was the bit with the gretchin, I just wish he'd actually shot Larn, so that we didn't have to listen to yet more of him going: But that's barbaric! It's against the rules! I appreciate Mitchel Scanlon was writing it from a rookie's point of view, but you'd think Larn was completely mentally retarded for all incomprehension he has of EVERYTHING.
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