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Trial by Fire

HOES story 12-02

A 26th Grand Company Story

Word Count 1089

Captain Mandeaus, the commander of the Emperors Children 26th Grand Company stood surveying the area around him. They had newly appointed Astartes within his company after the deaths of some battle brothers against the Venaca Populace. He removed his helm to reveal locks of long flowing white hair, His blue eyes penetrated the permeating fog as if he was just looking into the perpetual twilight of his home world.

His legion was at the moment under the auspice of the Lunar Wolves, until their own legion was up and ready to do their own exploration. Hopefully that would not be too long in coming. He turned as his Sergeant Joniar Elaxsius joined his side.

“Are they eager Elaxsius?” He asked referring to his new recruits.

“Joas has a grasp of tactics that had him noted by the scout company and I asked for him personally. Kenan and Jovotch…hmm think there might be a problem there My Lord”

“Oh. How so?”

“ The two hate each other, even the rites of brotherhood have failed to temper whatever it was that caused the rift in their mortal lives”

Mandeaus laughed a little and slapped his favoured Sergeant’s shoulder pauldron “A little healthy competition is just fine Joniar, if it becomes too much of a problem then I will deal with it, they are young and eager to please you, me and the Lord Commanders and by that dint the Primarch himself.”

Elaxsius bowed his head and stood straighter “What would my Captain have me do?”

Mandeaus scratched his head and pointed to the community he had been observing, “Take your squad, and clear that village against the fog line. I want any insurgents found and dealt with. The Lord Commander Eidolen is anxious to have this world under illumination before the weeks end”

Elaxsius bowed his head and called his squad together, the Captain wanted to look good in the eyes of Eidolen, and everyone knew how notoriously perfect the Lord Commander was and Elaxsius was well aware of where his Captains ambitions lay and in that end it meant glory could only follow.

Squad Carax made their way slowley through the village. Bolters rose scanning each and every building they entered. There was no one here, the buildings long deserted. Joas, a young man from the outskirts of Carax itself was partnered with Jovotch. The two men had become fast friends in the training halls of the Fortress Monastery in Carax.

Although Jovotch had become slightly broader built then he already was with the gene-seed and the Armourers had to redesign his suit, Joas was slimmer built and yet he had the power of an Astartes and his slimmer build was disarming.

They took the basement stairs cautiously, when Joas had got the bottom he swept round as Jovotch began his descent. Their visors had already switched to night vision and as they took a look around their surroundings they took in the fact that there was nothing to even indicate anyone had lived here.

The two brothers shared an uneasy glance with each other, even in the run down homes in the old districts of Chemos there had been evidence of life, that someone had existed but here there was none. Not even broken furniture or wine bottles nothing to even say there had been life here.

Joas pointed to an area about three meters in front of them and as Jovotch followed his friend’s direction he started at the tunnel that had been dug within the wall. The two brothers moved to the tunnel entrance and peered within the darkness. It seemed to go on forever.

They slowley made their way down the stygian blackness the only sound was the condensation from the ceiling that dripped like some incessant water torture, when the universe would turn in on itself and everything go mad Jovotch would remember how irritating and nerve wracking that noise could be.

When finally they emerged into another cavern the two Marines could not believe what they were seeing. Joas blink clicked the sergeants’ rune,

++ Sir, you might want to come and see this ++

++ Report Joas, what have you found? ++

++ The villagers’ sir, we have found the villagers ++

Before the two newly appointed Emperors Children were the mutilated and devastated bodies of the villagers. Men, women and children were cast at impossible angles for a human body and they had been what seemed to be ritually disembowelled.

Elaxsius muttered something under his breath as he and the rest of Squad Carax emerged into the slaughter house. The Squad moved into a protective semi-circle around their Sergeant and continuously swept their bolters for any signs of danger.

“By the Golden Throne!” Brother Hensala whispered.

“This is what the maniacs that do not want to come into the light of the Emperor do to those who do want reunification” Elaxsius growled.

Jovotch turned and let a yelp go as one of the bodies began to move; suddenly the corpses removed themselves from their holdings and advanced upon the marines. The sound of Bolter fire cracked into the cavern more so the sound of groaning bodies chanting one name.

“Slaresh” They all groaned and reached out for the perfect armour of the Marines,

Joas cursed as his treasured Aquila was touched by these undead things and taking his combat knife he plunged it deep into the head of the woman that had dared defile the symbol of the Emperor.

Squad Carax began to move backwards and as they did Jovotch and Kenan removed threw their frag grenades then ducked as the resulting explosion brought body parts around them. Any who had escaped the explosion were cut down by the Emperor born sons of Fulgrim.

Jovotch and Kenan stood side by side firing their bolters into the mass of bodies until there were none left. Elaxsius ordered his men to halt and let the bolter smoke clear. He nodded in satisfaction and then wondered what on Chemos was he going to tell his Captain.

“Burn the whole town” He ordered “Burn it to the ground, Joas, Jovotch and Kenan good work there.”

Kenan grinned at Jovotch “We are brothers again Halter”

Jovotch looked at the armoured gauntlet that rested on his arm and moved it, the gesture enough to say what he would not voice and walked back out towards the surface.
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