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Default Need some Lizardmen Player Opinions

Or anyone else knowledgeable on the Lore of the scaly aztec dinosaurs. I am not a strong WHF player, and my knowledge of the lore is not as extensive as that of 40k.

In short, I am rebuilding my list for 8e and every source I've consulted (numerous other players and whatnot) have told me I will need a slaan for the sake of some magic versatility.

I don't take Slaan. I think they look horrible and I don't want some fatass toad in the middle of my sleek saurus and skinks. After some thought, I happened upon an idea, but i would like the opinions of some WHF lore veterans on just how feasible it is.

Essentially, I would use two stegadon howdahs to customise a palanquin, and rather than use a slaan I would use a trinity of Skink Priests instead.

My question is, do you find this within acceptable boundaries of established lore? I was going to use extensive extras from the Engines of The Gods to complete the effect, reasoning that a customized engine powered by three skinks would be an acceptable substitute.

What do you think?

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