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Default It Laughed

It Laughed

In the end there was none to rescue her, she was alone, cold and scared… and out of options. Her breath was ragged and wheezing as she took in the icy night air, but she could not wait here and lick her wounds, no, she had to keep running. There was none to comfort her any longer, none to keep her from the dangers of the darkness; she could smell death upon the air… and the scent was getting stronger.

Lissa Bolaun wiped the moisture from her eyes fully aware that it was not caused by the snow but by her own blood as well. It was a wonder that she had escaped at all, but her freedom would not last. It was not that she was being fatalistic, but realistic.

It was clear that they had her scent and were closing in. They were hunting her and once they found her it all would come to an end, quickly she hoped, but most likely her death would be slow and brutally painful.

They had come from the stars and their descent was like lightning from the heavens. There had been no hesitation once they had reached the atmosphere, no pause as the world-defense lasers came on line and rained untold amounts of energy upon their pyramid crafts.

Two of the pyramids fell, crashed and burned in the opening moments and a third was wounded badly but was still able to land. There were twenty of them, twenty glowing-green pyramids that descended through the hail of las-fire, but they did not fire a single shot in return, they just descended with purpose, unrelenting in their approach.

Upon Bolkahes there was five continents separated by vast oceans and thousands of isles. Three pyramids landed upon each continent while five descended below the aim of the world-defense lasers and hovered above the others, as if overseeing the despair their armies would reap upon the land.

The pyramids had no doors, but somehow they still streamed down the ramps that flanked their sides. There must have been millions of them marching. They marched in columns of thousands and moved like men, but not like men at all.

As part of the local PDF, Lissa Bolaun hefted her las-rifle and fired when the command was given. She had received three marksmen awards over her career so she was not surprised that her rounds found their mark. She was surprised that when the las-fire hit the abominations, the wounds they inflicted faded away as if they had never been.

Some of the green robots did fall under the din of firepower, but they got up again. They had not even fired a single shot yet, but they marched onward absorbing everything the PDF could throw at them.

Their glowing eyes stared out in the night, green pin-lights that pierced the darkness and haunted the defenders. They marched onward for what felt like hours, but were only minutes in time, before they stopped.

They stopped so abruptly the PDF stopped their firing unsure of what would happen next. The only sound that could be heard was the winds that blew from the east and the flapping of banners and cloths in the wind.

Then, quietly at first and growing in strength the scuttling of trillions of metallic feet could be heard. Like a tide of water they scurried around the feet of the robots, but they did not stop, no, they jumped and opened their wings and ascended into the sky so thick, like fog on a spring morning and that fog engulfed all flesh upon the land.

Their tiny mandibles cut through PDF armor, cloths and undergarments as if they were not there. They cut through flesh and chewed it away from bone in moments. Blood and flesh fell in sickening spatters and the sound of it combined with the screams of the human defenders.

Before the PDF could even attempt to regroup, the Necrons were among them. They did not make a sound, did not utter a single word as they killed. They did not breathe or show any type of emotion as they advanced.

Razor fingers, swords of energy, spears of wrath and scythes of star-metal sent limbs flying, flesh falling, torsos collapsing and blood swirling to the ground. Energy nets were cast upon screaming soldiers as they attempted to run, the energy strings cutting their bodies into blood drenched cubes upon the ground.

What mechanized armor the PDF did have fired heavy bolters and cannons into the advancing hosts, but it was like shooting into the ocean. The robot beetles landed upon their iron hulls and chewed through them in moments. The screams of the crews blended with the screams of those outside.

Lissa Bolaun Slammed her las-rifle into the unfeeling face of one of the robots and then backed off as it swung its razored hands at her. Its movements were too fast to see clearly, they were like glowing green blurs, afterimages left from bright lights flashing in the night.

She felt the razors cut through her face and through her chest-plate. The cuts were so thin they did not even start to bleed until she stretched backwards to avoid another swipe of the Necron’s fingers. She fired her weapon point-blank into the face of the automation and it fell.

There was no excitement in the small victory she had fought so dearly for, only terror unlike anything she had ever felt before. The wounds she had received now bled freely and she was soaked with the blood of others and her own. The wounds stung like a fekker and she staggered back as a body-part smacked her in the face.

Panic overcame her and she ran. It was stupid to run. She knew that, but she did it anyway. The screams behind her slowly fell away as the last of the worlds protectors died. She looked behind her and saw robots fallowing her wearing the flesh of those they had killed.

She knew now that this same thing must be happening all across her world and that this was not an isolated incident. The citizens of Bolkahes would suffer greatly and there was nothing she could do about it.

She was hiding now, covered in blood, terrified beyond understanding and hot even though the snows had begun to fall. She could hear their metallic feet closing in, crunching upon the ice cold ground. The feet stopped and she looked up. Torments a thousand fold filled her mind as she looked into the fires of the Necron’s eyes.

It laughed.

1,100 words not including title.

We move slowly through the shrouds of fog sending pestilence before us. There is no hope! We are the Death Guard. Fear us for we are coming for you!

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