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Forum name: Jonileth

Name: Mark
Age: Kicking 30 in the teeth (29)

Means of communication:
MSN: [email protected]
Yahoo: [email protected]
skype: jonileth

Location: Southern Georgia, USA

Roleplay experience: Been an avid Role-player since 8th Grade. Done everything from table-top to online RPs, and pretty much every genre that's stricken my fancy since.

Theme preferences: I don't really care, I think it's more important whether I can get involved in a story or not. If I can, then that is what matters and that's what I'm going to write about/play.

Memorable roleplay from the past: A D&D game described to me by a guy I was in the Army with. It centered around Ogg McGog and his pet rock Bob. Ogg (an Orc Barbarian) was convinced he was a Wizard, and Bob (a huge boulder) was his familiar. The knock spell was never so comical as when performed by Ogg hurling Bob through doors. Worked every time...

Favorite roleplaying system: I fell in love with D&D 3rd Edition, still revert to it whenever I tabletop RP.

Favorite games: D&D, Anything Warhammer 40K, and anything else with a good storyline.

Favorite roleplaying moment: That moment when a player realizes (s)he's screwed.

Favorite quote: "I want to know what it is, what it does, and if I can break it." -MST3K The Movie

What would you like to see happen/start up here in RPT’s?: Any good RP is fine by me.

Do you like the title of this thread? (Yes/No) If no, then what might be a better title?: It's functional, why change it?
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