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green knight, i was wondering is riandro`s deployment wrong ? because i thought it was split on how many units you have , not half the overall model count?

anyway its not that much of a deal rob, its not like were gonna have REALLY strict , rule tight , point tight games anyway

i wouldn`t drop the crushers as i know what a big fan of them you are. also as your daemon princes are more tooled up with ranged gifts you need some heavy hard hitting stuff. i dont think you need anymore numbers as 20 letters i alot, and then theres 10 ettes and 10 horrors, overally 40 daemons in your troops section is plenty, i wouldn`t drop anything else for anymore of them

im curious why you havent opted for any fast attack? i know your not a big fan of hounds and screamers are pretty useless unless against a vehicle heavy army, also there are no models for mounted daemonettes or ' seekers '

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