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it says that i have to get a roughly equal amount on each side so here goes

Side 1
2 DP's

25 models

Side 2

23 models


keep the HQ's And the Daemon princes close together so i get to reroll ALL saves, lure tarets out with Pavane of Slannesh, then turn 6 of them into spawns with BoM if im lucky, if that fails charge it with all of them except the fateweaver keeping it behind but not in combat. (yes i know its a cheesy list)

the daemonettes get in quick and tie up units In CC while the 'Letters come down and finish them, the horrors are just there for a shooty element too might also keep them near the fateweaver too to provide exta fire to to weaken Key enemy units. BloodCrushers also kill anyting that might be a threat to my Daemons and taking on tanks, they are strong enough to go through most armour

so yeah it REALLY cheesy but it works

hope to make this bigger one day

And Bobss mate you better be afraid of the Daemon princes! they will turn your men into little blobs or spawn next time we meet!

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