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Default Khorne/tzeench/slaanesh daemon force 2000 points

Fate Weaver - 333

SkullTaker on charoit - 160

The Masque - 100


3 x Bloodcrusher's
all options - 160


2 x 10 BloodLetters
all options - 400 (for both squads)

10 Daemonettes
all options - 175

10 Pink Horrors
Bolt of Tzeench, Chaos Icon and changeling - 210

Heavy Support

2 x Daemon Prince's
Iron Hide, Unholy Might, MoT, Master of Sorcery, Bolt of Tzeench, Boon Of Mutation - 460 (for both)

ill post up tactics in a sec to space them out a bit ( cause Big Posts Are confusing!)

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