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A bit of help Maybe?

Yes, Im wondering where i can post a little bit of fan-fluff I was writing a little story about a Eldar/Chaos relationship thing were the plot goes that Eldar Find a planet to settle on a temporary settling force is sent down they meet some Chaos worshippers kill em a eldar attempts to become chaos prince half-succeeds gets killed but fatally wounds a Eldar Autaurch the autaurch gives his soulstone to the eldar that tries to change into deamon Nurgle offers the autaurch a chance of life to work for him he accepts fights against a eldar craftworld conquers it into a plague-craftworld then The damon/eldar prince guy kills him in a Wraithlord...
Of course this isn't any where near finished so If someone can tell me where to post i'll post a teaser of what i have
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