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Originally Posted by Samules View Post
I am not allowed to teach new players how to break the campaign.

(Seriously, once I organized the party in a D&D game to be a Spellsword focusing in fireballs, sorcerer with loads of teleportation and fireballs, a monk with a neaklace of fireballs and enough speed enhancing items to outrun a train and myself, a mystic theruge with fireballs and holy smites aplenty. The invading army never stood a chance. Anywhere they broke down the wall of the city they recieved a wall of fire to exterminate everything attacking that section within seconds of entering. Oh and when he set a red dragon on us he found out we all had cold energy subsitution for our spells)
LAMO, I love it. This is the sort of shit one of my players would pull. :D

Veiw my Blood Ravens army in army showcase!

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