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If I had to stick to a bloodline to best describe a red duke/mousillion army I would go for Blood Dragons.

This would mean you would rely more on Vampires that smash people in the face rather than hang back and survive. Skellies would be you core choice. Apart from this I suggest shying away from units heavily associated with the other bloodlines such as Ghouls, Vargheists, Varghulf's, Dire Wolves (although with a little conversion they could be hunting dogs), ALL SC (ecxept Krell and Konrad as they fit a Blood Dragons theme), units of Banshees/Cairn Wraiths, Crypt Horrors, Corpse Carts, Bat Swarms, Fell Bats, Coven Thrones, Spirit Hosts, Terrorgheists, Black Coach and the Mortis Engine.

The resultant army will be one that relies less on magic and much more on smashing people in the face. Blood Knights can be ferocious on the charge and Hexwraiths can be used as the spirits of dead Questing Knights with a little imagination. Grave Guard would probably be used and have a Vampire Lord and a normal Vampire if possible.

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