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Default VC theme

Taking advantage of moving back home and having all of my GW stuff in shipping crates for nearly the next 4 months, I'm finally going to start a VC army; the new minis look too good to pass up and I've been a long-time admirer of the Skellies, Grave Guard and Blood Knights.
What I am going to do this time is stick to my theme as close as possible, whilst collecting as many cool things as possible. My problem is that all of my stuff is packed away and I can't find any info on the two themes I'm thinking of: a Mousillon army, or something to do with the Red Duke. Can anyone help me find something online? Lex is too sparse and I can't find anything that helps me.
If, however, someone feels well-versed in the fluff, could you give me an idea of what units might be appropriate? Every time I start gathering my theme-fu, I get side-tracked by oooh, shiny! and zip off in another direction.

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