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"I like the idea of an extra shot, +1 strength and rending with the cannons, but i hate the price on range and points"

I really don’t like the AC in this list because it forces you to get close to make it work, some armies like GK you really don’t want to be in range of their cannons. Also, I find the Las/Plas to be better just all around. With the Las/Plas if you sit still you can get 1 AP2 shot at 48, 2 at 24 and 3 at 12, moving 6 you can chose if you want to go for an Las shot at a tank or a plas shot or 2 at some troops. But the main reason I like them is because it does not become a crappy rhino after 1 weapon destroyed result.

"I just have no experiance playing msu, razorspam, ect. So any ideas, tactics, and tips I can get would be apreciated"

Well the whole point of a MSU list is to give the other player more targets than he can deal with, only having 4 Five man units don’t not really fall into this thyme, and in 2 out of 3 games troops are what really counts. Your list is on a fine line of spam and quality units and it a MSU army more is better, I would only give them a Melta gun, MotW and a Standard.

Tactics are very easy with this list, if you are playing an army you can't take in CC then sit back and shoot, if you are playing an army you can take in CC then press forward. Make sure you use your LGs to the fullest, 5 small templates on a mob or a 2+ save unit works wonders.

"so I have to ask your logic on my rune priest and the rhino, why have stormcaller with long fangs?"

An AV 11 bunker is very easy to defeat, all you need to so is shake it and your RP is not shooting. The RP is now 145 points! Most people only use the PR for shooting LL so he fits into the LF unit nicely. Now, I could have my spells mixed up because I only ever use LL, JotWW, and HM, but Stormcaller is the cover save spell? I often find it hard to get 3 units into cover, not bunched up, and in a good firing position so the mobile cover save can add some flexibility.
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