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While my input may not be 100% (over even 50%) accurate, seeing as I have just started to build a fantasy army, Having looked at tips, videos, even the rule book on the odd occasion, I have put my money were my mouth is and started to build Gunline Ogres. at 2000 points, I started with picking 2 units of 6 Leadbelchers including a bellower and a Thunderfist. Next off, I picked up 2 units of 5 Ironguts with full command and look-out gnoblars. Seeing as I needed a 'Lisk equivelant, 2 Ironblasters looked like they'd do the trick.

As I play an IG gunline, I know that you need a unit that can maneuver into position to clean up trouble spots on the table. That being said, a unit of 4 mournfang Cav with full command, ironfists, heavy armor, and a lookout gnoblar also looked spot on for that role.

The last bit I needed was a General. I started by picking a bruiser BSB, then upped it with a magic banner (banner of eternal flames), a brace of ogre pistols, heavy armor and a look-out gnoblar, and sticking him in a unit of leadbelchers. General-wise though, I've heard magic is needed so a Butcher would be the big bossman for the boys. Using Lore of the Great Maw, a sword of striking, an enchanted shield, and a talisman of protection. 2K exactly. any thoughts on how this would go over?

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