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Default Versus... Ogre Gunlines

Been a while since the last Versus... thread went out, but I thought we would get right back into the swing with Ogre Gunlines.

The Versus... threads are all linked off the request page here: Versus... *requests* and are gradually building up into a tactical database for anyone to look into for much needed help with the hardest and most troublesome of opponents.

Ogres are all about the muscle, about bashing the opponent round the head with a trusty club before throwing him on the fire to cook (or just eating raw if you can't be bother to wait)... at least mine are. But there are some other tribes out there (the weird ones), that use all manner of shooty weapons that don't require you to get to within arms distance... sounds like a gnoblarish tactic to me.

Be it leadbelchers sending salvo after salvo of surprisingly accurate long ranged fire power, poisonous sniper maneaters (because who wouldn't give them poison), large blast scraplaunchers KB'ing their way through the weak and the armoured alike, ASL aura monsters that pop out large blasts or the most dangerous cannon in the game (even giving dwarves a run for their money).... my god all that sounds nasty.
... BUT THEN, you add to the mix that these are still ogres, and so will therefore smash its way through most units in combat regardless you have a gunline that doesn't come with the auto-loss combat button.

So do you use an ogre gunline, have you played against one or do you have any thoughts based on seeing them play or reading their rules. What tactics do you think would work to defeat them, or have you found that you've had to change your army list because you just couldn't pull through no-matter what tactics you used...
As always, your fellow heretics need your wise words, tactical genious or just semi-formed babble...

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