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Default The Vengeful Sun

The Vengeful Sun

The vengeful sun reveals all but the most hidden of things as does the Emperor’s will. The Inquisition is that vengeful sun and also the extension of the Emperor’s will. Blessed Terra has survived five world wars, thousands of civil wars and two alien invasions since the dawn of time, but it has only survived because of the greatness of those willing to lay down their lives in the protection of the world they love.

When the blood of heroes grows thin so does the will of the people to remain pure. The Inquisition runs thick with the blood of heroes. We root out the veins of impurity, depravity and rebellion; we root out heresy, treason and terrorism, we root out Chaos in all its depraved forms.

The shame is that sometimes we root out what is not there. We sometimes must kill the innocent in order to determine who is not. Chaos does not always present itself boldly, but shrewdly, craftily and seductively. Chaos is a cancer eating away at the very foundations of purity and devotion. Chaos is what caused the downfall of all we hold dear and all that could have been.

I am the Emperor’s right hand, a burning sun that reveals all that is Chaos in the hopes of salvaging something greater than myself, the Empire or the remembrance of what has been. My hope is to salvage from the wreckage, humanity.

It is lost to me the total numbers of those of whom I have killed. There is no way of knowing how many were, Quote “ innocent” unquote. The fact remains that under my supervision and leadership Chaos has been revealed and abolished upon the four worlds that I have been assigned.

In my experience, there are not many in this accursed universe that could be accurately described as innocent. The only ones who can call themselves innocent; and I do use the term innocent in the most extreme, would be babes, fresh from their mother’s womb. Even that is sometimes a stretch as their bastard father’s and whore mother’s spread Chaos through the bloodstream.

It is with this in mind that I have left Micirus II for the last stage of purification. From the bridge of the Innocence Found, I look down upon a world that has pledged its support and devotion to the Emperor of mankind and his holy will, but in truth harbors the shameful acts of Chaos deep within.

I know firsthand what lies within the hearts of men. I have seen deeply into the souls of those who hide corruption and depravity within their souls. I am not blind as to what goes on. Therefore I will deal with them the only way those who are truly faithful can: Exterminatus.

I have seen the Inquisitor at work. I have watched him from afar as well as up-close and am convinced that he is bordering upon the precipice of insanity. We have left four worlds in flames in the belief that Chaos had infected the minds and souls of the inhabitants of the people living there.

The Inquisitor has not set foot upon any of those worlds nor has he made any effort of conversing with their governments before raining fire upon their worlds. Now we sit above Micirus II waiting for the judgment to be handed down.

I cannot be convinced that Chaos is even present upon this world, nor can I sit idly by and watch as the Inquisition devours another six-billion people, faithful citizens guilty of nothing except an Inquisitor’s suspicions.

I am watching him now standing there at the view port. His face is set in an eternal scowl, his eyes cold and dark. The robe he wears is black and made of the finest quality and his boots still look as new as the day he bought them. He is a tall man with thick raven-black hair and has broad shoulders.

I am afraid of this man, this inquisitor, this judge that holds both life and death of worlds in the palm of his hand. He terrifies me, for it seems that he does not possess a soul. He is cold and brooding and unfeeling of anything but hate and suspicion. This is the man who now holds the balance over one of the Emperor’s worlds.

I know they hate me. I can feel them boring their eyes into my back, watching me, wishing for my death. They do not understand Chaos the way that I do. No, they cannot know the depths of darkness involved with the workings of the Great Enemy. Unless the crew is tainted. I will look into that when we are finished here.

‘I sense darkness upon this world. I can feel it coursing its way through the very fabric of the planet’s core. Chaos is thick here! We must root it out, now or it will find a way off the surface and corrupt us all.’

The man next to the Captain reacts as I seek to release the Emperor’s will upon Micirus II. Before I can press the button he strikes at my head with a shock-maul; he tries to kill me. I draw my bolter as I roll out of the way. He is screaming something about me not knowing what I am doing and says I am insane.

But I am not out of my mind. No, I am thinking more clearly now than at any other time since gaining my rosette. The crew stands idly by and watches as one of their own strikes out at me. They are guilty of inaction and therefore tainted just as I had thought.

‘You are all heretics and I will kill you all.’ I fire the bolter into the stomach of my attacker and he falls to the floor. I watch as he bleeds out and laugh as his life fades away. ‘Heretics. Accursed traitors! I hate you all.

I make my way back to the command booth and set my finger upon the execution but and apply pressure. Nothing happens. They have turned against me. The power has been diverted from weapons and now they are staring at me with contempt and murder in their eyes. Chaos has them.

‘I am the Emperor’s right hand and the extension of his will.’ I lift my bolter screaming the Emperor’s will, but they do not listen, instead they charge me and drag me to the floor.

I watched as the Inquisitor was dragged to the floor screaming incoherently. Chaos had corrupted him from the beginning.

1,100 words. I know; two stories. Vote for the one you like most I guess.

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