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I've decided to do a series of origins stories for Halter Jovotch and the members of The Rapture and this seemed the best place to showcase it. hopefully you are enjoying the Flawless Host tales i am doing and this will be an extension to it...the before and after if you will. Any comments will be appreciated

Bitter moon

A Flawless Host Tale

HOES 1-12 A Beginning

Word Count: 1,100

Chemos 10,000 years ago.

“Halter…Halter is it not wonderful news about the Lord Fulgrim, his father has found him and we are to be reunited with most ancient Terra”

Halter Jovotch turned from the window where he was watching the people of his town celebrating the arrival of the Emperor with his warriors. They were singing the praises of not only this mighty being from distant and ancient Terra but the mighty and beguiling Lord Fulgrim.

Halter was only 16 and already had the knowledge of a man wrapped in a youths body. He could see people laughing and crying and he supposed that this could only enhance their once blighted worlds rejuvenation under Lord Fulgrim.

He had listened to the stories of his parents and his grandparents of how prior to the Phoenicians arrival everyone had to work all the hours of the day just to get some of the drained and meagre resources from their dying world.

When Fulgrim had arrived he changed the worlds fortunes, re-opened old mines and built farms. Under his workings Chemos no longer had to rely on off world trade, he had made it his goal to save his world and his people and that is exactly what he had done.

Halter, like all of his people idolised their leader but when the call had come for sons to heed the call to become Astartes of the Phoenician he had decided it was not for him.

He let his mothers prattling continue and fondled the ring in his pocket. He excused himself and with his mind made up left his house and headed down the street towards the woman he loved.

Several months ago he had met Tulita Havitz at a masked ball. For all the work that the Phoenician had put into rebuilding Chemos he had also insisted that the people of Chemos become learned and that their culture embrace more then work and that is what they had done. In fact Halter had a cousin who was a singer and had sung at the Phoenicians palace, not to mention an uncle who was renowned as a historian.

The masked ball in the city of Radex was one that was held every year in honour of the Phoenicians ascendance where all the youth were introduced to others from all walks of life. Tulita had been the most beautiful woman there and he had ensured that he had manipulated her time.

When it came to revealing themselves he did so with flourish, removing his bird like mask and swept her off her feet. It had been quite an intense relationship from then on and sex had come into it one night after dinner with friends. That was it, he had fallen in love with her, and there was not a moment that had gone by where they were not together.

He stood outside her home and gazed up at the marble columns that stood either side of the door. Her father was the mayor of the town and as such he had the biggest house and was respected for implementing many of the changes that the Phoenician still made to this day.

He glanced down at himself and shook his head clear and adjusted his dress to make himself look presentable and smoothed his dark hair back. Taking a deep breath he walked into her house, nodding at the servants who watched him enter.

“Tulita” He called and getting no answer he looked from room to room. He had half hoped that her father would be here, but with the Emperors arrival he would have been in Callex with the other town leaders.

He was not stopped as he was a regular visitor here and he was told that the young mistress was in her room and had been all day. Halter thanked the maid and made his way up the marble staircase that was lined with red veins, passed pictures of the Havitz family all of them in the past had been leaders of the city through the good times and the bad.

He stopped outside her door and taking a last deep breathe walked in and suddenly his world came crashing down. He stared to see his lover, the woman he had given his body soul and virginity too rising above some man like a whore in the mine towns.

He slammed the door behind him causing the couple to turn. Tulita uttered a yelp and reached for a sheet to cover her modesty and as the man that had been underneath her sat up startled by the disturbance and about to shout out whomever had disturbed them when his voice failed.

“Kenan” Halter hissed.

“Halter” Tulita went to get out of bed “Please this is not what it looks like”

Halter clenched his fists shaking from head to toe as his eyes took in the scene before him. He was a powerful built youth and he was well aware that if he lashed out he could break bones and as tempting as that was right now he dare not do it.

“Oh come Tulita this is exactly what it looks like” Kenan, his best friend sneered “Halter is no fool but then he knew that I would get what I want, I always get what I want”

Halter narrowed his eyes and the rage he swallowed began to sit ill in his stomach. It would not do to attack Kenan his father was the chief of police. He glared at them both and as Tulita came to him he pushed her aside.

“Whore” He hissed and opening the door he walked out blocking out her apologies.

Kelva looked up as his brother came into the transport ready to head to the Fortress Monastery at Callex to be tested to become a true son of Fulgrim.

“I thought you were joining the police,” Kelva asked.

“I changed my mind brother” Halter strapped himself in then looked up as Kenan boarded and sat across from him.

Kenan leant over and with a sneer in his voice he whispered, “Tulita is with child” Halter went to raise his fist as the transport moved off “and it is yours”

Halter spat in Kenans face “I do not acknowledge whores or bastard whoresons, nor do I acknowledge claim to paternity”

Kelva rested his hand on his brothers shoulder “Halter….”

“I will have my revenge on you Kenan of that you can be sure off, you are no friend of mine”

Halter sat back in his seat and turned his face to the window watching the city go by and wishing that he was away from here and the pain that his heart felt, if what he had heard about these Astartes then it would be good for him, to be among men with no whores in sight.
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