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Name: Veran Kaerson (VAY-rin KAY-er-son)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Description: 6'1", trim, athletic build.
Stylized tattoo of the sun covers most of upper back, tendrils stretch to upper shoulders and back of neck.
Blue eyes, mildly tanned skin, and long brown hair worn in a ponytail.
Facial features are rugged, but appear almost delicate.
Often wears tank-top and long pants. Likes to wear blue.

Personality: A reserved, accommodating person, Veran quietly observes people. He becomes highly opinionated by doing so, but always tries to be kind when meeting somebody. When he does make friends, they enter a circle of people that he would fight tooth and nail for, and it shows. Deep down, he has a wild streak that shows only when he is with people that he trusts. When it comes to combat, Veran believes that a single innocent life lost is unacceptable.

Armour Class: Light Armour

Background: Veran was born on a world that has yet to advance beyond the medieval era. He was born to a family that worked on the land of a local lord. The lord was a benevolent man, and made sure that none of his workers, or their families, went hungry.
The lord did, though, have one harsh demand that all of his workers were to adhere to, punishable by death: all persons in the employ of, or born to the employed of this lord had to be marked. The mark was to be a tattoo of the lord's mark, the Sun of Toran, to be placed upon the person's back the day they reach the age of five. Drawn in a magical ink, the tattoo would never fade, or distort with time.
The young Veran was easy to befriend, and knew most people that worked in the neighboring fields. He had even met with the lord, a short time after being marked with the Sun of Toran.
It became apparent with age that the your Verak would stand by his friends no matter what, and, because he ended up a late bloomer, he often ended up being covered with bruises. He never seamed to mind the pain, content to know that he had helped a friend that needed it, and going on with his work in the fields as if nothing had happened.
One day, in Veran's eighth year, coming in from the fields alone, he ran into the man that worked the field to the west of Veran's. That very day though, the man's son had beaten Veran. To Veran's dismay, he realized the man was drunk. Drunk, and angry.
The man began to strike Veran, yelling something about respect and his son. The man continued to beat the boy, even as he began to bleed.
There came a point where Veran was close to losing consciousness, and was suddenly blinded by a flash of light.
When Veran regained his vision, he was standing over the now inexplicably unconscious man, and in his right hand, there was a keyblade.
The next day, men dressed in unusual clothing came to visit Veran's home. They wore dark robes, and spoke in low tones with his parents.
Eventually, one of the men came over to speak with Veran. The man pulled back his hood, and showed himself to be almost elderly, with a short grey beard and kind (if watery) blue eyes.
The man spoke to Veran of the incident the night before, and told him that he was a very special young man, and that he would be coming with them back to a school for special young men and women.
They gave the boy until sunset to say goodbye to his friends and family. At his age, he understood that he may not see them again any time soon, but always believed he would be back one day.
At the end of the day, he went to the lord's estate, where the men had said they would be waiting. They were there, but they were deep in conversation with the lord himself. Varen waited patiently, and even picked up a bit of the conversation. The lord was demanding payment for the boy. Eventually the lord gave in, knowing of the authority of the Temple of Darkness to be near absolute.
With that settled, one of the men drew his keyblade in a flash of light, and opened a gateway in midair. They all stepped through the gate, and the old man beckoned the boy to follow. He did, and when he entered the gate, everything turned black for a moment, then they were through, and he stepped into a place like none other.
Varen was taught by the old man, whom he came to know as Master Brooks.
The boy learned quickly, and could draw his keyblade at will after only a few months training. Eventually, between sleeping and combat training, the old man began to teach Varen about the three different paths that stood open before him.
He spoke of the Temple of Light, with its brash action and bold combat;
He spoke of the Temple of Darkness, with its calculating manner and magical attacks;
He spoke of the Temple of Balance, with its utter unpredictability;
And, finally, he spoke of the dangers of each, and the consequences of falling to the darkness.
It was, after only a short deliberation, obvious which temple Varen would join. It would be the Temple of Light, and they both knew this to be best.
After a time, Varen met the man from the Temple of light who would take over his training after Master Brooks was done teaching the basics.
The man was strict, but, in an odd way, warm to all those he spoke to. Varen liked the man, but knew that there would be some manner of conflict between them. Their personalities meshed about as well as a watermill wheel and a jelly doughnut.
As Varen moved to the Temple of Light, he found himself to be correct in his analysis the interactions between himself and his new master. He also found that he was the jelly doughnut.
As he grew, Varen did eventually come to avoid conflict with his new master, and quickly embraced all that the Temple of Light stands for.

Your Keyblade: Named Shadowsun, Varen's keyblade appears as a series of three bars, the outer two gold, the center black as night, they twist together along the length of the blade, and the end appears as a sliver of the sun, the bars pointing backwards off it like rays of light. The blade is long, and relatively thin. The the pointed prongs on the end make the weapon good for stabbing, and the blade's length and straight edge make the blade good for most combat situations, but can be dangerous for the bearer if the enemy gets too close in.

Combat Techniques and Abilities: Fights best one to one, fighting in a fluid series of fast and slow attacks, striking fast to open up an opponent's defenses, and striking hard to shatter them. This becomes more difficult with multiple opponents, and when faced with groups he relies on fast attacks to try to finish as many off as possible before one of them finds a hole in his defenses.
Temple of Light:
Shield of Faith
Smiting Lance
Guardian path:
Critical Strike

EDIT: QUICK NOTE: This will be my first actual RP (not for lack of trying) see, the one I tried to join before ended up being abandoned before the action thread began. Just thought that I would let you know.

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